What Makes Steam Digital Stand Out

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About Steam Digital

We are a video, animation, and media company that specializes in delivering educational, promotional, and entertainment visual content. The skilled roles that we bring to the table include editor, colorist, animator, motion graphics designer, videographer, producer, writer, and encoder. Our studio is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and we service clients across the continental United States.

The company was started thirteen years ago, when our founder, Gavin left his job with Vision Video Inc. and took a leap of faith by beginning his own business to support his family after his wife gave birth to twins.

It was a gamble at first, as Gavin had to take out two loans, request another loan from a friend and receive help from his father, to start the business with minimal equipment. Back then four different tape decks were needed to produce a video, but with advancements in technology, these decks have become obsolete. Today, we invest in new technological toys to stay up to date with the latest trends and ensure our clients get the best videos.

While Gavin is chiefly responsible for churning out these ultra-high-quality videos, we also collaborate with around a dozen carefully-chosen professionals to deliver additional services at no extra cost, which enhances productivity and keeps us busy throughout the year.

The busiest months for the business are August and September, where it is not uncommon to commit twenty hours a day, working on college pre-season and USHL hockey pre-season footage, which is challenging, but very rewarding.

The Steam Digital Difference

The advancement of the digital age has created a need for videos, to help build a brand perception in the minds of customers. While there are many video production companies out there, few can take their clients’ ideas to the next level. We shine in this respect, and love when a customer wants to break out of the regular box and do something fun and edgy. We’ll also be the first to warn you if we think an idea can be improved.

One aspect that makes us second to none is that we have streamlined every single part of our business to ensure efficiency in time and money for the client, which is highly appreciated.

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is that any client can call us at night or on weekends and get what they need right away. We are regularly asked to fix videos that were done poorly the first time by other video vendors, which is always challenging but fun. We always aim to listen, innovate, and add our thoughts so that clients can achieve their goals. Awards are great, but what we love is hearing about a client doing well because once they succeed financially using our videos, they’ll always come back for more.

We feel a deep sense of wonder and pride when a client allows us to take the reins of a project and make it extra creative, which we consider a complement of trust. It also gives us a tremendous feeling when we visit a convention or sports arena and see our animations playing in the background.

Our dream for the future is to create a live traveling show focusing on retro television. We also want to increase our charitable work, as we believe strongly in giving back to society. Currently, we give thousands of dollars to private families, organizations, and other causes.

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