Is An In-house Video Production Better Than Contracting A Video Specialist?

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Video content is a powerful way to capture an audience, and for decades, businesses have relied on video specialists to create media for their marketing and other initiatives. However, after the recent launch of superior smartphones, which make it easy for anyone to take videos, many businesses have begun to question if they should make their videos themselves or hire professionals.

In-house video production vs. contracting a video specialist.

Today, numerous businesses are creating their own media (especially videos) using iPhones or Android phones and editing apps available on these devices. However, the rest prefer hiring a professional to create their media.

Producing in-house videos on mobile devices are perceived to be the cheapest and quickest way to create media content. While phones these days produce excellent video results, the audio recorded is substandard as there isn’t a dedicated microphone on these devices for video recording, and this can degrade the quality of your content.

In-house producers are also not exposed to the demands of the “get-to-the-point” society, and create incredibly long videos which don’t get the desired response. They may also produce a video with little to no animation to help explain and sell a product or service they want to offer.

Companies that decide to hire a professional video producer and animator end up spending more, but they also get what they pay for. With a producer that’s well-aware of the current video trends and the latest visual marketing tactics, a business can easily create video content that sells their product or service to the desired audience.

Moreover, professionals come with top-quality equipment, so the efficiency of the video shoot is very high. They are committed to meeting your deadlines and know exactly what to cut and what to keep when it comes to selling, promoting, or educating people. Also, their final product is often shorter, to-the-point, and more effective at engaging viewers.

Businesses that choose to create their own media often end up with videos which look cheap, therefore cheapening their product or service. Yes, there are phenomenal advancements in portable personal audio and video devices. Artificial intelligence in editing and animation may come around someday too, but at this point, bringing in a trusted, professional video producer can result in fantastic output that resonates with your audience.

Bottom Line

For a small business, creating your own media in the start is an inexpensive solution and may provide the results you’re after. For a medium to a large company that has a higher marketing budget, it is essential to spend money and find a video producer that delivers content that expresses the interests of your company. Also, if your clients are paying a higher price for your product or service, you should have high-quality media to represent it.

At Steam Digital, we want our clients to prosper through our work as it reflects the quality of our content and our future with clients. If we produce poor-quality content, chances are the client won’t want to work with us again.

Based on our production quality, our clients realize that home video gadgets create “homemade” videos and cheapen their product or service. As professionals, we stay on top of the latest video equipment, trends, and styles of graphics and storytelling we to stitch together sharp visuals with stunning audio and deliver current and cutting-edge results.

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