Videography Samples

  • Commercial
  • Longform
  • Animation
  • Sports
  • Technical
  • Motion Capture
  • Government

Selling, promoting, and entertaining using your product, service, or brand. This is where 4K video capture, editing, coloring, animation, and creative graphic design makes a product shine.

Sometimes it takes more than 30 seconds to tell a story. Steam can utilize one to several team members to capture video, create animations, and tell your story in a unique way.

2D motion graphics or 3D rendered stylized animations bring a unique look to your project.

Entertainment often funneled through creative sponsorships is the name of this game. Lots of 3D animations mixed with team colors and logo work!

3D animation can help simplify complex objects by “exploding” them to reveal what makes them work. This type of animation is great for industrial and tradeshow applications.

Steam’s mobile onsite capture system and high-tech capture suit ensures amazing human motion capture that can be applied to virtual characters of any shape and size.

Politics and government doesn’t need to be boring. We’ve combined storytelling with creative visuals to explain, recruit, and persuade.