Steam Digital is a small video and animation business that executes the finest in visuals and video stories. Whether small commercials or long-form presentations, it’s about engaging audiences through creating a business relationship. Steam is proud to have high client-retention in its creation of over 100,000 animations and videos in the last 11 years. Steam can be a virtual part of your team or run a project from concept to completion. Steam specializes in fast-turnaround and making every dollar count towards the final product.

The owner and video specialist, Gavin Wigg, has been creating video content for 21 years all the way from long-form 3D technical animations to high-end video capturing, editing, visual effects, and coloring. He was called the “Mighty Animator” years ago by a client who asked for several 3D animations with literally hours of turnaround time. The delivery was made and the nickname stuck!

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    • Jill Berg, Setliff Sinus Institute
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    • Animation
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